Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Glory of St Angelo, Rome

Rome is one of the most historic cities in the world and among the flag-bearers is the glory of St Angelo, Rome.

Ancient Rome was the heart of the famous Roman Empire which was had such a dramatic effect on the world, and whose legacy still lives on. But which areas within the city of Rome are best to visit to experience the history within it? Well, it makes sense to have St Angelo as one of the best places to visit in Rome, and here’s why...

The glory of St Angelo, Rome – what gives?

St Angelo is a charming and genuinely enchanting area which is absolutely packed with some of the best architecture you will experience, both in terms of quality and in terms of mystery and wonder.

One of the most popular buildings in the area of St Angelo is the cylindrical shaped National Museum of St Angelo. This building has a vast and colourful past, which includes being a prison, a fortress and a mausoleum, and is now home to one of the best museums that the city has to offer.

When the sun is going down and the lights around these buildings come on, there are few better sights in Rome...

Interesting activities around St Angelo in Rome

Moving along from the St Angelo Museum, you can take a stroll along the famous bridge which extends from it and walk along the river Tiber enjoying the architecture which is located along the bank.

Along the streets branching out from the river bank you can find a range of authentic local shops and restaurants which enable you to gain a true insight into life in Rome.

Is that it then? Well, absolutely not! The glory of St Angelo has so much more to offer in person, and if going on a Rome holiday, the best justice you can do for yourself is to tour the area of St Angelo.

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